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 In 1694, the famous brush expert Zhou Huchen set up his first writing brush making workshop in JiangXi Province, which was the beginning of the famous brand Zhou Huchen!!^Tiger ̄. In 1862, the descendents of Zhou Huchen moved their workshop to Shanghai and began providing their writing brushes to the Royals of Qing Dynasty, making themselves the major supplier of the imperial court. In order to honor the devotion of Zhou Huchen and his descendants, Emperor Qian Long (the fifth Emperor of Qing Dynasty) awarded a shop tablet on which the Emperor himself wrote the name of the workshop----Lao zhou huchen Brush Workshop, which was regarded as the highest-ranked reward in that times. In 1907, the manager at that time was awarded the most honorable prize of the commercial enterprise by the Qing government. Then in later 1926, the company attended the World¨s Fair hold in Philadelphia, U.S.A and procured the Golden Prize.
 In the year of 1958, Lao Zhou huchen workshop annexed eight writing brush factories in Shanghai and became the largest industrialized writing brush factory in China at that time. At the same time, it started to produce artist brush in large quantity and export them to more than ten countries. In 1988 and 1996, the company twice won the ^Certificate of High Quality Exported Goods ̄ issued by Department of Commerce, and in 2000 our company had got the ^Certificate of Exported Commodities against Inspection ̄ issued by China Commodity Inspection Bureau. In recent years, we gradually moved our workshop to Jiangsu and invested to set up new manufacturing factory for the sake of lowering the cost and gaining comparative advantage.

Tribute for Qianlong Kaiser in 1771
Ad in 1898
Ad in 1899
Ad in 1909
Diploma in 1910
Diploma in 1914 Japan
Brand in 1915
Export License in 1951
Brand in 1953
Old Gate of factroy in 1980
Diploma of High quality products in 1986

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