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Acceptance : Our Company accept all along to observe the terms of acknowledged international trade rules base on WTO.
And used trade terms shall be in accordance with the INCOTERMS2000. Our business shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of P.R.China.

Business Step:
1. Negotiating: For every potential trading opportunity, we shall be looking forward to enquire and asking for anything from our clients by E-mail, Fax or direct call. And we shall be willing to receive with pleasure and hospitality into our factory. By our Web site, our clients can choose their interesting products ,then they can ask us for offering price , and can talk about the details. Our clients also can send their photo of the samples and interrelated requirements to us by E-mail or mail, we will reply for the need soon.

2. Confirming the Samples: Founding on our client¨s requirement, we can issue our ready samples or do the new samples, then we shall send them to our client fortheir confirmation. After confirming, both of us will be seal up the samples for keeping, the confirmed samples will be accepted the contrastive standards of quality on volume-producing.

3. Contract: According to above steps, we shall sign a contract for the sales. The terms will be included:
Name of Commodity and Specification, Unit Price, Quantity, Shipping Mark, Packaging, Time of Shipping, Port of Shipping, Port of Destination, Delivery, Advice of Shipping, Payment Term, Documents to be Delivered by the Seller, Inspection and Claim, Quality Warranty, Governing Law, Arbitration, Effectiveness, ect.

4. Delivery: We usually deliver to the goods to the buyer on EXW, FOB, or CIF, otherwise we shall accept delivery on FCA, FAS, CFR, CPT, CIP.

5. Packaging: Besides we shall provide free the cartons for shipping, we can satisfy our client¨s requirement to packet the goods. For example, singleness size or mixing size to be put in a small paperboard box, the some one to put in a carton; And we can make the sale-package according to our client¨s requirement for their direct sale, for example, poly bag and printed hardboard, PVC or PV bag, PVC or PP canister, wallet , fabric rolls, etc.

6. Quality Warranty: We warranty the goods provided by us with all the requirement on its quality, the volume-produced goods shall be similar to the confirmed samples, and difference of quality will be difficult to find by eyes. Our clients can entrust inspection by the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Office of P. R. China oranother testing organization acknowledged for inspecting and accepting, and also direct come to our workshop for inspection.

7. Payment: We can accept the both way of payment:
A. L/C: we usually take pleasure in payment of the irrepealable Letter of Credit.
B. T/T: After we receive payment on the total of 30%, we will start to produce. Before we deliver the goods, we must receive other 70%.


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