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 Our company enjoys the prestigious and the eldest-line manufacturer of the existing brush and ink manufactory in China, which were previously Laozhouhuchen brush manufactory and Caosugong Chinese Ink Stick Manufactory, founded in 1694 and 1643 respectively. Based on the technology of traditional brush manufacturing, we are the first to innovate the artist brush and subsequently manage to produce it, thus making us the pioneer and header in the industry throughout the past half century.
 With accumulative experience of production and management, we are on constant efforts to making continuous progress on the quality of our products. We established the ISO9002 Quality Assurance System and went through all the items of the SGS Stationery Testing Service which based on ASTM F963 and EN71 standards. We endeavor to satisfy the needs of the artistic workers, painters, sculptors, professors and professionals throughout the world with our outstanding products. Due to the excellence quality, our products are exported to Europe, North America, Australia, Japan and mid-east region and are highly ranked by public.
 So as to meet the various needs of the customers to the largest extent, we have developed hundreds of painting materials and tools which includes artist brush, painting brush, foam brush, artist tools, statuary tools and artistic materials in circumstances of oil, acrylic color and watercolor. In the product line of artistic brush, different animal hairs are used to make the brush hair, such as Goat hair, Horsehair, Sable hair, Weasel hair, Bleach bristle, Squirrel hair, Camel hair and so forth. In addition to this, chemical fiber and imitation animal hair such as nylon, terylene and other synthetic fiber are also available. The brush handle are manufactured by different material as well such as Birch, Arbor, Plastic and Acryl.
 We have accumulated great deal of experience in serving the purchasers and distributors all over the world and provided value-added services and one-stop services to them. Apart from the products of our company, we would also purchase other related products for the customers, if the customers need. As for the one-stop service, we not only provide our customers with products but also help them in the course of the whole trading transaction by means of attending to the matters of transportation, delivery, packaging, insurance, entry of custom, quality testing and the like. All in all, we spare no effort to satisfy our customers¨ needs and strive to provide business solving method of artistic tools, thus making us an ideal business partner of our distinguished customer.


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